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​adult class

This is a guide to lessons for the general public. NoahBkk@26 offers a variety of fun programs for all levels.

About the ​class

10 people/class

​ This class is for first-time tennis players.

 so it is recommended for those who are worried about their physical strength and those who haven't exercised in a long time.

​Learn the basic form.


This class is for those who are new to tennis.

Even if you are not good at sports, first try the basic form

​I wear it.


This class is for those who can coach and rally.

Focusing on rally so that you can hit with basic form

​ also challenge the game.

​ Intermediate

You can play games with your friends and actively play online

This class is for those who can.

Master the basic 6 strokes in the movement of the game,

I'm going to decide the point.


This class is for those who can master strategy and tactics in games.

From the intermediate level, you can improve the speed and control of your shots, learn advanced techniques, and use them properly in the game.

Aim for the level.

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