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​ Introduction of group companies and ongoing projects

When I try to realize my dream, the ideas and cooperation of many people, including family and friends, give me irreplaceable power. I would like to introduce a little bit of the project that is currently in progress with such friends.

group Enterprise

ID: 0125555009673

Representative Shiko Mito

Established 2012

Capital 6 million baht


12/74, 12/76 SOI ATTHAKAWEE1,




Phone +66-2-259-8425

With its predecessor as architectural consulting and design construction industry, through general consulting for Thai locals, the main business is now a service that supports business and capital tie-ups between Japan and Thailand. From 2023, NOAH ASIA will be grouped.

ongoing project
(as of 2023)


In Kanchanaburi Province, which is blessed with nature and tourism resources in western Thailand, we built a tennis court, a football court, a cafe, a farm, and an accommodation facility in a place surrounded by 360-degree rice fields. We organize sports tournaments and eco-tours where you can cycle around rice fields and enjoy dishes made with pesticide-free home-grown vegetables.


Every Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, I run with my children at Benchasiri Park, which is next to the Emporium Department Store on Sukhumvit 24. I enjoy participating in marathons with my family.

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