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Greetings from the representative

Shiko Mito
Born 1959 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture
1988 Stationed in Singapore
Living in Thailand since 1993
hobby: running
​special skill: running

Coexistence of sports and education

After working for a Japanese company in Singapore in 1988, I came to Thailand in 1993, and in 1999 I was involved in the launch of a Thai-funded corporation.

In 2011, while launching and operating OSEC ASIA, a general consulting company, with the support of many Thai people, I launched NOAH ASIA in 2015, which was one of my long-standing dreams. We have decided to take a step toward the realization of "coexistence of sports and education".

Expecting 30 years in Thailand from 2023, tennis, futsal, fitness, cafe, massage, etc. on about 8000 square meters of land We will provide services that integrate various facilities and activities.

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you so that you can have a place to stay and enjoy whatever you do.

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