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Notice of change in May lesson schedule

From May, the lesson schedule and junior class name will change.


​ tennis school

This is a guide to lessons for the general public. NoahBkk@26 offers a variety of fun programs for all levels.

Information about junior lessons.
At NoahBkk@26, we aim to provide lessons that are not just about tennis skills, but that children can learn etiquette and manners while having fun.

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Information about Thai lessons.

NoahBkk@26 also offers lessons in Thai by a Thai coach.

Japanese children and half children can also participate.

​To whom, "while in Thailand, I want my children to interact with local children, I want them to get used to Thai language" etc, We will provide unique experiences.

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​Membership flow

​Please apply for a trial lesson by phone or online.

​Please tell us your desired day, time, and level. I'll guide you.

​Please visit us on the day of the lesson.

​After the trial lesson, we will explain the school information and special promotions.

​To enrollment procedure

​Membership procedure

​Enrollment class decision

  • You will be asked to decide which class you will be enrolled in from the timetable.

  • After confirming the level with the coach in the trial lesson, please let us know the day and time that works best for you.

​Fill out the required information on the membership application form

​Tuition payment

Payment can be made by cash, credit card, QR code, or bank transfer.

​Handing over membership card

Precautions regarding enrollment

・This school is a two-month (8-week) term system.

​・Payment is monthly. (Membership when promotion is applied

   Payment for 3 months only at time)

・You can join from the middle of the term. The tuition fee is           stipulated on a monthly basis from the month of enrollment.

   If you pay a fixed fee, you will receive a supplementary lesson     ticket for the lessons you have not taken.

   The supplementary tickets are indefinite.

・This tennis school is covered by accident insurance. 

 We are careful, but in the unlikely event that you are injured in     an accident during the lesson, Insurance may apply.

Please consult the staff.


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