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​ Junior class

Information about junior lessons. At NoahBkk@26, we aim to provide lessons that are not just about tennis skills, but that children can have fun while learning etiquette and manners.

About the ​ class

Kids Junior
12 people/class

Beginners class for ages 5 to early elementary school students.

Children will learn the joy of moving their bodies through running and throwing games, and will also learn tennis movements and how to hit the ball.

JR Challenge

Classes for elementary school students with tennis experience, and beginners from elementary school to junior high school.

The goal is to understand the rules of tennis, learn the basic techniques, and improve to a level where you can play rallies and games.

JR Tournament

Classes for 3rd grade elementary school students who want to improve their skills, and junior high school students with tennis experience (60 minutes)

Classes for those who want to improve their skills, participate in competitions, or advance to the top of competitions (120 minutes)

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