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9月新メニューのお知らせ!! 『タイ茶&バタフライピーミルク』Announcement of new menu for September! ! "Thai tea & butterfly pea milk"



バタフライピーを使った特製ドリンク!Special drink using butterfly pea!



人気のタイティーをさらに進化させたNoah Cafeオリジナル"タイティー&バタフライピーミルク"が誕生!



Noah Cafeの自信作を是非一度ご賞味ください!

Announcement of the new September menu from NoahCafe!

"Thai Tea & Butterfly Pea Milk"

Noah Cafe's original "Thai Tea & Butterfly Pea Milk" is now available, a further evolution of the popular Thai Tea!

Butterfly pea is a beautiful blue flower that has the effect of beautifying the skin, whitening, beautifying hair, suppressing eye strain, and suppressing the accumulation of visceral fat!

A harmony created by three layers of Thai tea, milk, and butterfly pea! Please try Noah Cafe's proud creations!

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